Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Wintry Woodland Walk (13/01/17)

Just one trip out last week, an excursion to Blean woods in the hope of getting a few Wintry  images. A light dusting of snow (about a centimetre) fell between Thursday evening and Friday morning, bringing the usual travel havoc that accompanies any snow fall here in the south of the country, however tiny the amount. The predicted sunshine for late morning never materialised, leaving photography conditions in the wood tricky, the usual photographer's complaints  of high iso's and poor shutter speeds rolling of the tongue. Saying that, along with Tim Gutsell we had an enjoyable  hour of trying, a few images below making the cut but a lot more relegated to the desktop bin. A squally snow storm ended the session before turning to rain, clearing the dusting of snow quicker than any dose of salting could do.

Of note, probably only to me, whilst working at home (re opening a blocked up fire place) on Wednesday (11th) I saw a flock of at least 10 Waxwings fly over the rear of my house  towards the cemetery in Sturry and a Grey Wagtail foraged in my garden for a few minutes, both new birds in 13 years of living here. Two new garden ticks !!!
After another test on the sample from the Stejneger's Stonechat, it has now been decided that the bird is in fact just a normal European Stonechat, albeit a rather strange looking European Stonechat. It is still worth a visit, its pale grey colour making for a smart looking bird, as witnessed on the 6th. The lack of any images was disappointing so a re visit is on the cards, at least the Kerton Road will be relatively free from birders now the DNA rules out anything rare or exotic.
Just a thought, I would not want to be up in front of the beak with my defence relying on DNA evidence analysed by same person that done the Stenjeger's sample, "Take him down"

Thank's for looking.

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