Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Short-Eared Owls (29/12/16)

With three weeks off over the Christmas period and plenty of time on my hands, I have decided to start blogging again. I don't know for how long or how regular the postings will be but here goes for the first one. 

An afternoon out on the 29th December, (my birthday) where I walked down behind the Oyster farm at Reculver and sat on the grassy bank by the Green Wall waiting to see if the Short-Eared Owls would appear. It was not long before there were 3 birds flying around, and I think maybe a fourth bird was present for part of the afternoon. I was able to get a few reasonable images as they quartered fairly close to my vantage point.

Other birds seen in the Oyster farm were Redshank and Dunlin, 2 Little Egrets, 2 Marsh Harriers the other side of the Green Wall, at least 400 Cormorants returning to their roost at Grove/Stodmarsh, (quite a sight as they flew over) several Goldfinch and Linnets, a Green Woodpecker over and a female Stonechat that posed for a photo.

Thanks for looking.


  1. yes very nice to you back

  2. Hi Steve nice to read your blog's again
    Regards Trevor.