Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Thanet Fulmars.

If a Fulmar had the plumage of an Owl or Peregrine they would be the subject of constant attention from both bird watcher and photographer alike, because they resemble a Gull they are largely left alone and their true aerial artistry is somewhat missed by many. Watch as they patrol along the cliff top and it is then that their full mastery of flight can be seen. I have had a couple of sessions over the past week around the coastline of Thanet where several pairs have returned to breed. A first for me was seeing a pair of Fulmars excavating a tunnel in sand/dirt along the top of the chalk cliff at Kingsgate, either cleaning out an old nest site or excavating a new one. The Fulmars at Ramsgate on my first visit were photographed under blue skies and a shining sun.

My second outing was to Kingsgate in the company of Mike Gould. We were not so lucky with the weather, the skies being grey and dull. The Fulmars are closer here as they patrol along the cliff top adjacent to the public footpath, giving superb views and plenty of photographic opportunities as they glide effortlessly past, just a few feet away.

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