Tuesday, 28 March 2017

When the East wind doth blow !!

What a horrible weekend. Bright sunshine spoilt by a bitterly cold Easterly wind gale that at times was so strong it was a job to stand up in. So I done the sensible thing and on Saturday I went down to Rye harbour. Not the best idea to come up with, Rye being situated on an exposed coast line and i got what I deserved which was nothing. There were plenty of Sandwich Terns on the Ternary pool but when they did alight from their sheltered roost, they flew past the hide at breakneck speed, pushed along by a 50 to 60 mph tail wind. Trying for images was pointless and the camera remained in the bag. I did see a Red Breasted Merganser on the pool along with 6 Med Gulls in their summer finery but soon decided to give up and retreated to the Castle Water hide which being a mile or two in land, offered a bit more shelter. My hoped for Bittern's never materialised but my first Wheatear of the year was seen on the walk in. I also had 2 Ravens and a Peregrine over the Castle and managed to photograph a Long-tailed tit that was in the scrub around the entrance to the hide and a Canada Goose out on the water.

Sunday and although the wind was still present, it was not quite as strong. I had a quick stroll around Westbere early on and found three Firecrest's. 

I ended the morning down the beach at Sandwich Bay. I must be glutton for punishment as there was very little to see or photograph and once again I was exposing myself to an  increasingly strengthening easterly wind. My scant reward was an image of a Skylark sheltering along the grassy dunes of the beach.

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  1. Lovely set of Firecrest's as always. Great to see them.