Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Where have all the Barn Owls gone ?

Just lately, work seems to be in the way of getting out with the camera which is far from ideal as there have been a few nice days weather wise of late. That's not to say that I have not been out at all, just a few grabbed hours here and there when the circumstances allow. Just a thought, but it amazes me how I am constantly alerted to bird sightings through social media when I am at work in the lorry, Beep, Iceland Gull at the patch, Beep, Gt White Egret at Ham Street, Beep, King Eider at Sandwich (ha ha, I wish). Am I the only one that has to work ? (lol)  Any way, I have been thinking that I have not seen many Barn Owls of late so I have been visiting a few known Barn Owl haunts locally (having no interest in the Sheppey Owl carnival) but have on the whole been drawing a blank. I have seen one fairly regularly, but always late into the afternoon in failing light. I knew of another Barn Owl a little further away so decided to take a look although it was a grey and dull day and not ideal for photography. After arriving on site it was not long before I had 3 Owls quartering a field that I was parked alongside but they were the wrong Owls, Short-eared and not Barn Owls. I managed a few images from the car until another photographer arrived, pulling up in front of me and to my amazement getting out of the car to take his photos. Result, no more Owls. Still, he must of got some great arse end shots as they flew away from him towards the top end of the field and out of range of the camera. He then drove to the top end of the field and I sat and watched him standing on top of a grass embankment, not an Owl within 100 metres of him. What a plank.

After a while the slow ghostly white wing beats of a Barn Owl were seen, fairly distant but slowly heading in the direction of my car. Once again, given the conditions, not the best Barn Owl images I have obtained but still nice to watch as it quartered the field in search of its prey. It never ventured as close as I would of liked but its the closest I have been to a Barn Owl for a while so I could not complain.

You can't beat an hour or so watching Owls from the comfort of the car.

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  1. A great read and terrific pics, the effect of too many take-aways does actually disturb the frontal lobe particularly around owls!!