Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A more than welcome return.

Wheatear's, smart in their breeding attire and a most welcome returning migrant to our shores. Over the Easter weekend, quite a few arrived and reports were plentiful as they were seen stopping off along the Kentish coastline, taking a break before carrying on to their breeding grounds further North and West. (although I am sure a few do breed along the North Kent shoreline) I was lucky enough to see 5 Wheatears along the stretch of coastline around Seasalter, 4 being Males with one flighty Female that I could not get near enough to get a photo. Waiting around the grassy area along the top of the beach by the sea wall, the Male birds would periodically land on the fence allowing a few images to be taken before dropping down to the floor again to resume feeding. A shame a few Whinchat's were not with them, or is that being greedy. 

Today, (Wednesday 19th) I noticed two Common Terns on their new purpose built Tern raft out on the main lake at Stodmarsh, my first of 2017.

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  1. Nice images, great to see them back.