Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Trying again with the Red Foot.

With the 2nd cy male Red-footed Falcon staying at Grove over the weekend, I in fact visited on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, trying for some better images. I watched the Falcon get spooked from a bush by a passing Marsh Harrier on Sunday (2nd) just after 1.00 pm, the Falcon taking off and flying high out over the river and it has not been seen since. A shame as being so close to home, it was easy to get down and watch the bird for long periods. The light was still not great over the four days and when the sun did come out, the Dragonflies would go up high with the Falcon following, enabling the bird to carry on feasting. It certainly had its fill of Norfolk Hawkers over the few days it spent on the reserve. Whilst waiting for the bird to put in an appearance on the Thursday (30th) a Cuckoo passed by, not long before they set off on their return journey to Africa.

I found myself with a lot of time standing on the middle path between the Harrison's and the Marsh hide with just ditches to look into. Resisting temptation to start snapping away at Dragonflies i eventually succumbed and tried to get a few Norfolk Hawkers (Green--eyed) as they hovered up and down the ditch in front of me. (Have I moved over to the dark side) Up until 2 years ago I had never laid eyes on one of these and remember seeing my first one at Westbere. They were easily the most common Dragonfly at Grove over the past few days, a sign as to how well they are doing.

But star billing for the past week has been the Red-footed Falcon. Although seeing quite a lot of it, the photos were not as good as one would of liked, dull weather, too far away, looking into the sun blah blah blah, all the usual photographer excuses, but a few images did manage to elude the delete button.

Although not an adult bird, still one very smart looking Falcon. Also nice to catch up and chat with the locals and with a few faces I generally only see when a good bird hits Kent.

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