Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Catching up (or trying to)

The July/August stagnation has set in and I have found it extremely difficult to find the motivation to get out with binoculars or the camera of late. I don't seem to get excited over bugs and butterflies. Anyway, having never seen a Red-necked Phalarope in the UK, never mind Kent, I read over the Internet of one at Oare marshes, along with a/or the returning Long Billed Dowitcher. I chose to visit on the Saturday morning (2nd) but the Phalarope decided to leave the day before. (That will teach me to get out a little quicker after the news breaks lol) . The Dowitcher was easily found out on the flood, too distant for a photo and looking into the lowly rising sun would of meant it being silhouetted anyway. It never stopped the visiting line of long lenses from clicking away, I wonder what their results were like !!!  The last Long billed Dowitcher for me was also at Oare, way back in November 2006. Off note, there was a juvenile Sandling on the East flood, somewhat a rarity at this venue. As always at Oare, the Black-tailed Godwits were fair game for the camera lens.

Other bits caught with the camera was a rather tatty Grey Heron flying over the flood and a pair of Reed Warblers creeping through the reeds for a drink from the dyke in front of the pull in alongside the road down to the Swale.

My local football side, Chislet Colliery FC, started their league campaign on the Sunday morning (3rd) so I had plans to go and watch them with a promising 5-1 win which was good as they are newly promoted and their first competitive match in this division. A quick visit to Pegwell bay early doors was successful with a Kent tick for me in the shape of the Stone Curlew reported a few days ago. It was a long way out and once again looking directly into the sun light but I was on my own with no one looking on and "wondering what my results would be like" so took a few record shots (at best) With that eye, there was no mistaking its identity. September is now upon us so hopefully a few bits to get the enthusiasm levels back to normality.

An extremely poor "record shot" of the Pegwell Bay Stone Curlew.

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  1. I find myself in the same position, went to Oare today 11th and was found wanting in relationship of the lens, Jodrell Bank springs to mind and something to hold it steady in the wind!!