Sunday, 22 April 2018

A Not so Unlucky Friday the 13th.

With news of a Black-winged Stilt present in front of the Marsh hide at Stodmarsh, late on Thursday 12th, I arrived at 5.00 am the next morning hoping the overnight showers were enough to keep it there, at least long enough to see the bird. I did see the last bird here in 2015 but Stilts at Stodmarsh have been very hard to see over the years. Although plentiful just a few miles across the channel in France, it is only my 3rd Black-winged Stilt sighting in the U.K, the above mentioned bird at Stodmarsh in 2015 and a pair at Elmley in 2008.

As soon as I arrived at the hide I saw the bird and throughout the morning I was able to get a few shots but overcast grey skies made it a little difficult. I left, hoping the Stilt would stay around until the sun appeared, which it was forecast to do later in the day

The sun arrived for the late afternoon so I returned to the Marsh hide hoping for better results. The light was a lot better now and the Stilt was back in front of the hide after i was told being on the distant pool to the left of the hide for a couple of hours.

At one point the Stilt decided to bathe and to the delight of the people in the hide, right out in front of us.

After bathing the Stilt kept jumping up out of the water, drying it wings by vigorously flapping them.

There was also a Jack Snipe and at least a pair of Water Pipits seen from the Marsh hide as well. All in all a not so unlucky Friday the 13th.

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  1. I really wish I had been there for this bird Steve. Simply stunning shots mate.