Sunday, 7 July 2019

A New Young Peregrine Family.

I came across a young family of Peregrine Falcons recently, four youngsters seen learning from their parents the skills needed for their journey into the big outside world. 

One of the parent birds..

During my visits I never saw a lot of the parent birds as they are usually out hunting, what with four hungry mouths to feed but the juvenile birds could normally be seen on various ledges along the cliff face and after a bit of waiting they periodically took to the air, chasing pigeons and Fulmars, honing their skills that will be needed later on when fending for themselves.

There are a few places that the young birds can perch along the cliff face and I was lucky on several occasions as they sometimes came to rest right above me. I did have three of the four juveniles sitting on view at the same time on one occasion but they never stay in one place for too long, there is always something flying by for them to give chase to.

Some great close up photo opportunities have been gratefully accepted over the past month whilst watching these juveniles slowly grow, their flight sorties gradually getting further and further away from where they spend most of the day perched, waiting for the parent birds to return with food.

Other bits seen and caught on the camera were some of the Fulmars that the young Peregrines liked to chase although the aerial ability of the Fulmars ensured that they were never really in any danger

and a pair of Shelduck surprisingly seen on several visits flying along the cliff face.

All in all a great experience with these majestic falcons.