Friday, 14 February 2020

Northern Pintails at Oare Marshes

When visiting Oare for the Bearded Tits, I noticed several Pintails on the East flood and made a mental note to return one afternoon to hopefully grab a few images. I returned on the afternoon of the 8th with an appearance from the sun being forecasted for the later part of the day and hopefully ideal for my visit. It was still cloudy and a little gloomy on arrival at the pull in between the two floods but encouragingly the line between grey and blue overhead could be clearly seen approximately an hour away behind me to the west. There were a few Drake Pintail in front of me and about as close as they could be from the pull in between the floods so I set about getting a few images whilst waiting for the overhead cloud to move off.

As predicted by the weather forecast, the cloud disappeared, leaving a blue sky and some lovely late afternoon sunshine, the Pintail's immediately looking a lot more dapper with the sun on their backs.

There were eleven drakes seen during the afternoon, all vying for the attention of the several duck Pintail present and a few were caught as they flew around the flood chasing after each other.

Lovely looking ducks and a great afternoon at Oare marshes.

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