Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Northern Hawk Owl

To try and break the boredom of a stay at home curfew order from Boris, I have had the time to look back through my image archives, some images not seen since first processed on returning home after taking them.

A trip to Zwolle in Northern Holland to see a most obliging Hawk Owl that performed impeccably for us in December of 2013. I think I was joined by Martyn Wilson, Steve Ray and Alan Ashdown. (The memory is not what it used to be)

A worthwhile trip to see my first ever Northern Hawk Owl.

More later, if I do not get bored with trying to curb the boredom.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Slim Pickings !!

With the constant battering of low depression weather fronts rolling in over the British Isles from the Atlantic, dumping wind and rain on us for what seems like an age, bird photography has been on the back burner of late. However, last Friday (6th) the sun shone for most of the morning, albeit accompanied by a stiff eye watering south westerly wind, taking the edge off the otherwise early spring like day. I decided on a trip down to Foreness, by the pumping station, checking out the Fulmars that favour this stretch of coast line, nesting along the low cliff ledges. I saw quite a few pairs and was able to get a few images, some from really close quarters as they periodically patrolled along the cliff top, parallel to my view point. 

Some birds chose to fly out to sea, returning low over the water making for an ideal incoming target.

A couple of hours spent marvelling in their aerial mastery.