Friday, 1 May 2020

Local Cuckoo's

A small plus from the lock down has been finding a few things close to home and I was a little surprised as to how many Cuckoo's can be seen and heard locally, having seen or heard them almost every day. On one occasion, I saw three birds and then joined by a fourth, completely oblivious to me hiding in the hedgerow as they chased each other around for several minutes.

Several Foxes are also being seen, hard to capture on camera as they are very wary and as soon as they see me they are off, needless to say always away from me but great to see, wild in the countryside. I am glad they banned Fox hunting or a countryside Fox would be a thing of the past.

Finding newly arrived migrants is always the daily challenge and a Lesser Whitethroat gave me just a few seconds out in the open to grab a few images, the view being a lot better than the images gained under a dreary grey sky with the first drops of an impending rain shower starting to fall.

I am seeing a lot of the common birds that would be expected from the habitat I am walking through with several Long-tailed Tits pairing up and busy with nest construction. I was able to grab a few images of one feeding in a Blackberry bush.

A Barn Owl was seen hunting but only within range for a few seconds allowing me an image to record the occasion. One for the future I think.

But the stars of the show during the past week on my morning walks have been the Cuckoo's, photographed under grey skies and light drizzle,

But mostly under blue skies with the sun shining bright.

You've got to love a Cuckoo. 

Stay Safe.

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