Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Napoleon returns for tenth year.

For the tenth consecutive year, the visiting Bonaparte's Gull has again rocked up and is yet again spending the summer months mainly commuting between Oare marshes and Sheppey, spending time on the mud of the Swale when the tide is out, then either roosting over high tide on the east flood or somewhere across the Swale on the Sheppey side. 

A plan to arrive on the incoming tide, locate the bird hopefully on the mud of the Swale and wait until the tide pushed the bird closer to my vantage point was fairly successful and I was able to catch it as it left to roost over high tide on the east flood.

The almost obligatory Black-tailed Godwit image with several hundred flying in to roost over high tide on the east flood at Oare.

A long time between visits to Oare now with photography particularly difficult due to the vegetation being allowed to encroach the pool along the western edge of the flood between the vantage point of the pull in and the floods muddy fringes running alongside the road. Small waders were often photographed here but now the pool edge has been pushed forty metres further away and the mud nearly always hidden by the long vegetation. 

There will not be a flood soon !!!

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