Saturday, 31 December 2022

Top Four Birds of 2022 (Part 2)

 Carrying on from my previous post, the top two birds of 2022 for me were

2nd Place.

A spur of the moment drive to East Yorkshire and Bempton Cliffs to catch up with the returning Black-browed Albatross (8th April) is my 2nd most memorable bird of 2022. A long drive, but rewarded with great views of this giant sea bird from the Southern Hemisphere. Photography was a little challenging as the bird always remained low down but a great twitch that I think may be repeated if it returns in 2023.

The Albatross would normally have made the Number one spot but for me, better was to come later on, right at the end of May.

My bird of the year and probably the same for a lot of people unless you were on Bryher or the Shetlands, was the visiting Eleanora's Falcon (29th May and 1st June), that spent a few days hunting out over the Worth marsh. Fantastic views as it posed on top of the various bushes alongside the Pinnock wall and hunting Dragonfly's out over the fields near to the Great Wood. A star performer and a great U.K tick for me.

Some good birds seen locally throughout the year, hopefully plenty more to come during 2023. 

Happy New Year.

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